Using tDAR

tDAR  is designed to serve the needs of a wide range of archaeologists, researchers, organizations, and institutions who use or manage archaeological resources.

Learn about different types of tDAR users and uses:

tDAR can assist users in:

  • Managing a wide variety of archaeological information in one place.
  • Organizing documents, data sets, and images.
  • Downloading reports or bibliographies anywhere.
  • Sharing current research materials with partners.
  • Publishing data associated with articles and books.
  • Protecting confidential materials.
  • Preserving their legacy and contributing to the discipline.
  • Guarding against data loss; preserving documents, data, and images.
  • Fulfilling , NEH, and other data management plan requirements.
  • Complying with NHPA, ARPA, and 36 CFR 79.

Getting Started